Are Your Periods Getting In the Way of Your Life?

Self Quiz

Are you are experiencing heavy menstrual periods, take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your answers to these questions can help your doctor determine if you have memorrhagia (the medical term for excessive menstrual bleeding) and, if so, what may be causing the condition. Answer every question to the best of your ability. Discuss your answers with your doctor or other healthcare professional so together, starting today, you can choose the treatment options that are best for you.
  1. Do tampons or sanitary napkins quickly become soaked, causing a frequent need to change them?
  2. YesNo
  3. Do you often experience heavy bleeding with cotting?
  4. YesNo
  5. Do you have a heavy period, even while using birth control pills?
  6. YesNo
  7. Are you exceptionally tired or weak during your period?
  8. YesNo
  9. Have you missed work because of your period?
  10. YesNo
  11. Do you rearrange social events or daily activities to accommodate your period?
  12. YesNo
  13. Do you tend to stay home when you have your period because it is easier?
  14. YesNo
  15. To be prepared, do you carry large quantities of feminine products or even a change of clothes?
  16. YesNo
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please share the results with our office. We have several treatment options available depending on your unique situation.

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