Why Spanking is not the Best Choice

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that if punishment is needed, alternatives to spanking should be used.

Although most Americans were spanked as children, we now know that if has several important side effects
  • It may seem to work at the moment, but it is no more effective in changing behavior than a time-out.
  • Spanking increases children's aggression and anger instead of teaching responsibility.
  • Parents may intend to stay calm but often do not, and regret their actions later.
  • Because most parents do not want to spank, they are less likely to be consistent.
  • Spanking makes other consequences less effective, such as those used at child care or school. Gradually, even spanking loses its impact.
  • Spanking can lead to physical struggles and even escalate to the point of harming the child.
  • Children who continue to be spanked are more likely to be depressed, use alcohol, have more anger, hit their own children, approve of and hit their spouses, and engage in crim and violence as adults.
  • These results make sense since spanking teaches the child that causing others pain is justified to control them -- even with those they love.
If you are having trouble disciplining your child or need more information on alternatives to spanking, please call our office.

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