You can make a difference when it comes to breast cancer

Learn to check your breasts Ė what every woman should do.

Learn how to check your breasts.

Itís not as hard as you might think. A doctor or nurse can show you what you need to do and what to look and feel for. Check your breasts once a month.

Get to know how your breasts look and feel. Look for any changes from one month to the next. Checking your breasts takes just a few minutes. Choose a day in each month that is easy for you to remember. Check your whole breast area.

This is the area from your armpit to just below your breasts; over to the middle of your chest, up to your collarbone. Lie flat on your back.
  • Put one arm over your head. Put a pillow under your shoulder.
  • Start under your armpit with your other hand. You will be checking your whole breast area up and down.
Move your fingers in small circles.

  • Use the flat part of your fingers.
  • Make 3 little circles. First press gently. Then, feel a little deeper. Then, press as deep as you can.
  • Without lifting your fingers, move them down a little. Make 3 more little circles the same way.
  • Keep making circles. Little by little, move your fingers until you have felt below your breast.
Check every inch of your breast.

  • Feel in little circles. Keep going up and down.
  • Raise your other arm. Follow the same steps on your other breast.
Stand in front of a mirror.

  • Look at the size and shape of your breasts. Are there any changes?
  • Look at your skin. Do you see any changes?
  • Look at your nipples. Squeeze your nipples to check for fluid.
You can make a difference by doing these three things.

  • Check your breasts every month.
  • Have a doctor or nurse check your breasts once a year. The doctor or nurse will look and feel for changes in your breasts.
  • Talk with your doctor or nurse about when you should have a mammogram. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breasts. Breast x-rays can find breast lumps too small for you or your doctor to feel.
If you find a lump or see any other changes, see a doctor right away. Donít wait.

  • Most breast changes do not mean cancer.
  • By checking out these breast changes, women can get help right away if there is cancer.
  • When breast cancer is found early, it is much easier to treat.

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