Most Kids Ages 4-8 Are Riding At Risk

Could Yours Be One of Them?

All Children 12 and Under Should Be Properly Restrained in a Back Seat. Kids should be in booster seats if:
  • they weigh more than about 40 pounds
  • the adult seats donít fit correctly
Booster seats must be used with lap and shoulder belts. Booster seats raise the child up and help the safety belts fit correctly. Without booster seats, kids can be uncomfortable and unprotected in an improperly fitting safety belt. Never let kids put shoulder belts under their arms or behind their backs. Kids who misuse belts this way are not properly protected in a crash. There are two types of booster seats.
  1. High back booster seats. If your carís seat back ends up lower than your childís ears, use this back booster seat to help protect your childís neck and head.
  2. Backless booster seat. If your carís seat back is higher than your childís ears, you can use a backless booster seat.
If your child weighs more than 40 pounds and you only have lap belts in your back seat, you may:
  • Obtain a child safety seat that is specifically designed for kids over 40 pounds, when installed with only a lap belt;
  • Contact your auto manufacturer about whether shoulder belts can be installed in your back seat; or
  • Correctly restrain your child in the front seat, using a booster seat and the lap and shoulder belts. Move the vehicle seat as far back as possible.
Children may be ready for the adult safety belt when they are around 8 years old. The safety belt fits correctly when: The child can sit all the way back against the vehicle seat, with his/her knees bent over the edge. The shoulder belt remains snugly positioned across the chest and collarbone. The lap belt remains snugly positioned over the strong hips or upper thighs.

Remember to read and follow your vehicle ownerís manual and booster seat instructions carefully. For more information, visit or call 1-800-441-1888 to find the nearest SAFE KIDS coalition.

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