Welcome to our practice. Our group consists of three physicians: Dr. Jayshree Vyas, Dr. Mahesh Vyas, and Dr. Cellona.

I feel so very lucky to have Dr. J as my physician since I know she is the most thorough doctor and sensitive to my personal needs. -- T.L.

Your kindness and reassurance helped me through my pregnancy, and now I have a beautiful healthy son. --M.D.

I can say that this is the first time I can close my eyes and trust in someone -- this someone is Dr. Jayshree Vyas. --C.S.

I want to thank you for being a wonderful doctor -- with long hours and an open ear. --B.B.

Dr. M, you have kept me healthy with my allergies and asthma under control. Thank you so much for your caring, empathetic and compassionate ways. --J.A.

Dr. J is extremely knowledgable and thorough, a wonderful listener, and does everything in her power to make sure her patients are properly cared for. --EBL

Dr. M. is more than just an outstanding physician. He truly is a "care provider". He listens and patiently addresses your questions or concerns with understanding and compassion beyond compare. --Kody

Dr. J is so very thorough and never gave up until my problem was solved. Now my periods are regular, I have less pain, and I was able to lose weight. -- Alex

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